The Wadi Bih Run is organised by a team of dedicated volunteers who all share a love of the great outdoors and specifically the wadis and mountains of the Northern Emirates. The Wadi Bih Run organizing committee is a non-profit group whose objective is to encourage people to venture outside of the urban sprawl of the UAE and their comfort limits, to physically and mentally challenge themselves against the mountains in a truly spectacular environment.

Currently the Wadi Bih Run organizing committee comprises of Neil Young: Event Director, John Young: Course Director, Supersports: Timekeeping, Bhavesh Khatri: Event Manager & Sponsorship , Barbara Young: Hospitality, Anton Tolentino: ICT/Website, and Gilbys Ubaldo: Administration.

We also rely on the help of a large number of volunteers who we are greatly indebted to and are too many to mention here. We are always grateful to people who might like to get involved in the event as volunteers, including anyone who is coming to support participants, and if you’re interested please get in touch.

We are always looking at ways to improve and enhance the event so if you have any feedback whatsoever, hopefully positive, please let us know and we will take this into consideration with the future planning of the event.



The Wadi Bih Run was set up by John Gregory of the RAK hash back in 1993. Having hiked and climbed extensively in the area, the Laird of RAK (John Gregory) was perusing his realm & the Wadi Bih road from a mountain peak when the idea gelled for a cross-Emirate relay run. John Gregory was the instigator and mainstay of the run over a period of 10 years and many thanks are due to John (aka Pecker) for keeping the event going in this period.

Now the term Wadi Bih is not a military-style alphabetical referencing system as there are no Wadis A or C. Actually I am told that Bih is Arabic for revelation which describes the opening up of the wadi from a very relatively narrow section to the wider areas in the interior.

After John Gregory the Wadi Bih Run was organised for years by John Young and his team.


Since 2016 the event organisation has been taken over by Neil Young.

For more information on the Wadi Bih Run call Mobile : +971 50 473 7634
or email Gilbys ( or Bhavesh Khatri (


For website issues email Anton Tolentino (

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