FRIDAY, 9th November 2018


The relay, which starts from the Hatta Fort Hotel in Hatta is for teams of 5 runners on asphalt road, then gravel track for approximately 35 km and & then returns to the start – total distance approximately 70km. 4 runners shall complete the first and last stage and individual runners the other stages. The route is marked by stage markers and the support vehicle transports the other team members along the route.


The total length of the route is approximately 70 km and this is splits in to 6 stages, starting from Hatta Fort hotel through the Hatta mountains and circling back to the Hatta Fort Hotel to finish. Each runner should complete a minimum of 10 km. After registration teams will be started when they are ready by a marshal between 6.00 am and 8.00 am.

The first and last stage must be completed by 4 runners whilst all other stages are by one of the team members. Runners are only to handover their baton at designated check points, swapping of runners in the middle of stages is not allowed. Support cars are not to follow runners at runner’s pace. Once the baton is handed over the support car should proceed to the next check point.

It is essential that each team limits themselves to one vehicle to avoid congestion problems. Excess vehicles can be left parked at the start point. Drivers are to keep speed to a minimum and always avoid raising dust while driving.

Running in dust is not fun! Dust reduces visibility and we want you to avoid accidents with other runners or cars. Teams not following this rule will not be given an official time in the event or be eligible for prizes.